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When you invest in those on the front line, they will help you improve the bottom line.
Blue-Collar Leadership features content specifically for entry level or front line team members working in a Blue-Collar industry. Choose from one or more of the four modules and ask us about purchasing bulk copies of the book to equip attendees with a lasting resource. (Discounts available when pre-purchased with keynote or training sessions.)

Module 1: There Is An “I” In Team

  • Every Team Is Made of “I”ndividuals
  • “I”ndividuals Determine The Effectiveness Of The Team
  • The Hardest Person You Will Ever Lead Is Yourself


Module 2: Growth Doesn’t Just Happen

  • Be Better Tomorrow Than You Are Today
  • Become More Valuable To Become More Successful
  • To Change Your Results, You Must Change Your Mind


Module 3: The Secret To Your Success

  • You’re Working For Yourself, You Get Paid By Others
  • Discover The 4 Levels Of Responsibility
  • Your Character Will Launch You Or Limit You


Module 4: Your Potential Is Unlimited

  • Stretch Yourself Intentionally
  • Develop Yourself Intentionally
  • Believe In Yourself; Bet On Yourself
Bob Chapman had this to say, “We need to see ourselves as stewards of the lives we have been given an opportunity to lead and influence.”