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Are you experiencing changes in your industry? Are you leading or communicating change initiatives in your organization? Do you need to increase buy-in?

This thought-provoking, inspirational program reveals how to deal with the challenges of change and turn those challenges into opportunities. Ask us about purchasing bulk copies of the book to equip attendees with a lasting resource! (Discounts available when pre-purchased with keynote or training sessions.)

Key points:

  • Responding Effectively To Change
  • Identify Opportunities In Change
  • Overcoming The Challenge And Fear of Change
  • Leveraging Change


As Ted Bauer said, “Business needs and conditions can change very quickly, it’s actually more important HOW FAST you can learn something as opposed to WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW.” Change brings both challenges and opportunities. It can bring an organization together by uniting the team around a unifying purpose and vision, or it can create chaos.