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Leadership Training & Development

Leadership impacts the character and culture of an organization, which in turn affects everything else. Leadership, or the lack of it, affects morale, employee engagement, teamwork, communication, customer service, employee turnover, and productivity. In a 2011 study, 79% of respondents estimated they would be, on average, 40% more productive if working for a better leader.

Truly successful organizations focus on developing people in both character and competency. Competency is what we do. Character is what we are. Mack and Ria Story can help you develop character in order to leverage competency.

It’s easier to train and develop the employees in the area of competency. There are many classes to take or books to read on how to train your team to perform the physical aspects of the job. Character is much more difficult to develop but is the key to improving attitude, increasing productivity, morale, employee engagement, and retention. Character is the multiplier, increasing exponentially the qualities of the organization, either positive or negative.

The need for leadership development is not industry specific, nor is there a “one-size-fits-all” approach appropriate for every organization. Top Story Leadership offers a full range of training and development programs for everyone in the organization, from top level, C-Suite executives, to front line employees. 

Program format options include:

  • On-site sessions from one-hour to half, full, or multiple day training programs
  • Virtual or tele-trainings
  • Cultural and leadership assessments
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Team or executive retreats and roundtables
  • Partnership summits
  • Lunch’n’Learns
  • Team or individual coaching

Top Story Leadership certified leadership trainers work with organizations that want to invest in their employees and accelerate their organizational growth. We customize each program to fit your organizational budget, goals and needs, so you can tap into the potential of your organization’s greatest asset – your people.

Here’s what some of our clients ask for…