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Ria's Podcast
Speaker, Author, and Survivor Ria Story brings a unique, holistic approach to empowering women. Ria shares powerful leadership and success principles and tools of transformation to equip and empower in all four dimensions of life: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Social Influence.

Learn to Maximize Your Potential in Life and Leadership; Develop Influence, Communication, and Leadership Skills; Achieve Goals Personally and Professionally; and Become the Woman God Created You to Be.

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Mack's Podcast
Leadership development for everyone in the blue collar workforce, those who support them, and those who lead them. Leadership is influence. Influence is built daily, not in a day.

There are two types of influence: 1) Artificial influence which comes with a title, position, or rank and is reserved for those who have formal authority over others; and 2) Authentic influence which is based on a person’s character and the relationships they build, and it’s available to anyone with or without a position of authority because it’s based on moral authority (who you are and how you do what you do).

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