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Blue-Collar Leadership & Supervision


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NOTE: Blue-Collar Leadership & Supervision: Unleash Your Team's Potential is the blue-collar version of Maximize Your Leadership Potential: Beyond Management & Supervision and the content is nearly identical. It's primarily for those who have others reporting to them, especially those new to a formal leadership position or those who have had very little or no formal leadership training.

The companion guide to Mack's "Blue-Collar Leadership: Leading from the Front Lines, this book is written for the front line supervisor, team leader, or first-to-mid level leader of a front line, blue-collar workforce.

This second book in the Blue-Collar Leadership series, Blue-Collar Leadership & Supervision, is a tool and resource for developing those courageous people that step up and accept a position of leadership, most often, without ever receiving any formal leadership training. They’re simply expected to lead. And, they do the best they can. This will help them grow beyond supervision and management. Once they read this book, they will know what it means to be a leader and how to become a more effective leader.

Then, they will have a choice. Will they settle in for being a traditional supervisor or manager? Or, will they become a high impact leader that also supervises and manages?

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