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MAXIMIZE YOUR LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL: Moving Beyond Management & Supervision


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NOTE: Maximize Your Leadership Potential: Beyond Management & Supervision is the white-collar, or non-specific, version of Blue-Collar Leadership & Supervision: Unleash Your Team's Potential and the content is nearly identical. It's primarily for those who have others reporting directly to them, especially those new to a formal leadership position or those who have had very little or no formal leadership training and development.

Maximize Your Leadership Potential complements and builds upon Mack's book, "MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL: Unleashing the Leader Within." Both are the perfect resources for developing those in a formal leadership position such as: team leaders, supervisors, managers, first-to-mid level leaders, etc.

With 30 short, easy-to-read 3 page chapters, Maximize Your Leadership Potential is a tool and resource for developing those courageous people who step up and accept a position of leadership, most often, without ever receiving any formal leadership training and development. Those who are simply expected to lead. Maximize Your Leadership Potential will help you grow beyond traditional management and supervision and reveal the principles that high impact leaders intentionally apply to achieve amazing results and success. Once you read this book, you will better understand what it means to be a high impact leader.

Then, you will have a choice. Will you settle for simply supervising and managing people? Or, will you become an intentional high impact leader of people worth following who also supervises and manages things and processes?

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