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Are you ready to tell your story, but aren’t sure how to go about it?

That was where Ria started several years ago – with a powerful story but no idea how to go about sharing it and using it to help others. Now a full time speaker and author, Ria has seven published books and shares her story both from the stage and in her books. Realizing that there are others like her, who have a story to tell and a message to share, she now offers “storytelling” coaching and mentoring for speakers and authors who want to change the world by sharing their story. Read Ria’s blog on getting started or click here for information on her 1 hour coaching/mentoring session at a special introductory rate (new clients only). 

“You have a story to tell. Someone needs to hear your story, and only you can help that person.” ~ Les Brown

Sharing your story can impact people in a huge way. Simon Sinek talked a little bit in his book (and TED talk) “Start With Why” that people don’t buy what we do as much as they buy why we do it. Sharing your story can help people see your “why.” Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, or stay-at-home-mom, it’s important to tap into your “why.” Why you are here. Why you do what you do. Why you say no to some things and yes to other opportunities. Your “why” defines you. Think of companies who have successfully based their values on “why.” Apple, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A are all great examples. It’s not that their products are necessarily that much better, but that they have aligned their products with their values as a company, and we buy THAT.

The world needs more hope. The world needs you to tell your story. Your story can change the world – one listener or reader at a time.  We learn from the stories of others because they touch our hearts as well as our minds. Stories capture our imagination, inspire us, give us hope, and bring us together.

Stories help us transform facts into emotion. Emotions make connections. Connections build relationships. Relationships create clients. ~Ria Story

Storyteller Coaching is a program of 24 coaching sessions (phone or Skype) each. The sessions are designed to build on one another to get you started sharing your message and creating revenue streams so you can continue to change lives, inspire hope, and tell your story. Sessions are typically 60 – 90 minutes and can be scheduled weekly or bi-monthly, with program completion in 6 – 12 months.

Not ready to invest in a complete coaching package? Just have a few questions from time to time? Need a thinking partner? Have questions and need guidance? Invest in the “Coaching Calling Card” and get 240 minutes of coaching and/or mentoring to use on an “as needed” basis with either Mack or Ria.

Ria helps you identify and clarify your message, target audience, topics, and content. She coaches you through the content and delivery of your keynote speech, as well as helping you create the outline and content for your book. She also offers practical tips and advice on your branding, website content, how to build or increase your platform, creating your tagline, creating your one sheet, and talking to decision makers about your services.

Ria has shared the stage with some of the top leadership and motivational speakers – John Maxwell, Les Brown and Nick Vujicic. She learned to share her story through hundreds of hours of training from some of the top stage coaches. Now, she wants to help you share yours. Aspiring speakers or authors, or those who simply want to up-level their own skills will benefit from coaching and Ria can help you deliver a life-changing message and tell your story.

Storyteller Coaching Program Outline
What’s Your Story:

  • Discover and/or refine your message
  • Identify your stories
  • Identify functional and emotional benefits from your message


Writing Your Story:

  • Structure and outline for your book
  • Self-publishing – why or why not?
  • Coaching for content


Telling Your Story:

  • Creating the outline and content for your keynote speech
  • Creating vignettes
  • Presentation and delivery from the stage


Build Your Brand:

  • Target audience/niche
  • Building your brand – one sheets, bio, profiles, etc.
  • Building your platform(s)


Build Your Business:

  • Delivering great workshops, trainings, classes
  • Creating proposals to get booked
  • Networking for influence