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Meet Motivational Leadership Speakers Mack and Ria Story…

Mack and Ria Story both have an amazing story of professional growth, personal growth, and transformation. Mack began his career working on the front lines of a machine shop while Ria started hers in healthcare administration, after overcoming years of sexual abuse.  Working in completely different industries, they both began to apply leadership principles to their respective careers with incredible results personally and professionally. They developed a passion for helping others by sharing powerful leadership principles in a way that is easy to understand and simple to apply. They co-founded Top Story Leadership and speak on a comprehensive selection of motivational and leadership topics. They have 19 books published.

At Top Story Leadership, leadership principles are the foundation for everything we do. We apply these principles, not only in our professional lives, but also in our personal lives by talking it, living it, modeling it, and teaching it everyday. These principles are powerful agents for transformation for organizations and individuals but they can seem difficult, complex, or even confusing when applied to our lives at home and at work. We work to unleash leadership potential by taking the complex and making it simple.

Top Story Leadership simplifies foundational leadership principles in everyday, easy to apply concepts, so organizations and individuals can turn potential into reality.

Clients are saying…

  • “Ria and Mack have opened up a world for our team individually and collectively. The training brought out confidence and enthusiasm from persons who needed the opportunity to know that they were significant. They are hungry for more information about how to influence others and the momentum is rolling. Your genuine approach and authenticity make it safe to grow and learn. Thank you for what you have done for Cobb County.”


  • “I used Ria and Mack for training of a group of change management leaders and also a group of manufacturing senior leaders. Ria and Mack’s training was very relevant and very inspiring. Their delivery kept the group engaged! I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone needing to motivate your group or for leader training. Awesome!”

    Lorraine, Human Resources Director
    Kimberly Clark
  • “Outstanding presentation. Thank you for coming and providing inspiration!”

  • “Too much to write here. Absolutely phenomenal. PLEASE give us more of (Mack and Ria) them and leadership training!”

    West Georgia Technical College
    Adult Education Program Instructor
  • “Ria and Mack did such a wonderful job and provided so much good information and insight into leadership and how to be an effective leader.”

  • “For me, it’s been the best six months for training and growth in my 38 years here.”

  • “After hearing so many great things about Mack and Ria, I finally had the opportunity to meet them. I was sitting across the table from them, and before a word came out of their mouth, I knew exactly where their heart was. They ARE the kind of people that you truly want to learn from. Not only do they teach leadership, but the way they do it, they truly RESTORE your BELIEF in yourself. That is what they have done for me. Thank you Mack and Ria!”

    Sherina Hill
    Founder, Sherina Today
  • “Mack and Ria, What a pleasure it was to host you as guest speakers for the Auburn High School Work-Based Education program. Students and teachers in attendance enjoyed the honest and personal stories of leadership and character building you shared with over 150 students today! Continue to encourage others to demonstrate character by ‘using their talents’ to positively influence others. Thank you for spending the day with us to share your inspirational and timely message! Looking forward to you visiting ‘The Plains’ again!'”

    Audrey, Teacher & Work-based Education Program Director
    Auburn High School
  • “Mack and Ria taught for 7 weeks on leadership to the ladies of Christian Women’s Job Corps® of Lee County. The professionalism and value they added to the session was unbelievable. They are quality individuals, but combined, a dynamic duo. I had no idea the impact they would make on my ladies this session as well as myself as the director of the ministry.”

    Neeley, Executive Director
    Christian Women's Job Corps of Lee County
  • “You guys were awesome! I can’t wait to read your book!”

  • “Most helpful session of the conference! Without knowing how to inspire others to act, safety programs and performance will not change or improve. I hope to see (Mack and Ria) back again!”

  • “I was truly inspired by your presentation and the life lessons taught. After your presentation, I felt energized and the plans I was unsure about was confirmed…You have inspired me tremendously. I hope to attend another event of yours in the future!”

  • “It was so wonderful to meet you! What a privilege to have you on our #EXIT Alabama Stage today at our Annual Sales Rally! Thank you so much for your leadership!”

  • “Mack and Ria,

    Thank you for speaking (on Blue-Collar Leadership) at our West GA SHRM Meeting today! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge with our group. It is always informative and relevant!”

  • “Mack & Ria Story came to our classroom and lead a discussion on the 15 Leadership Principles to 20+ yoga students and they delivered an exceptional presentation! Our students were motivated by their presentation and it went right along with our goal of personal empowerment and growth. I believe that every one of the students purchased their books and have enjoyed reading about Mack & Ria’s path. And, we plan to invite them back for our next group of future yoga instructors! Highly Recommend.”

  • “You and Mack did a fantastic job closing out the conference! Thank you so much for speaking with us today. I am so happy AAMSS purchased copies of your book for everyone. I can’t wait to read it.”

  •  “A wealth of helpful knowledge. Increased personal level of confidence to become a better person and improve leadership skills. THANK YOU!”

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