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At Top Story Leadership, we don’t just go through the motions.

Regardless of age or gender, your audience will be motivated by Mack and Ria Story. They use real stories from their lives and experience, combined with foundational leadership principles to bring your audience a dynamic presentation that will leave them inspired and ignited!

Opening Keynote * Closing Keynote * Business Conferences * Workshops * Breakout Sessions * Fundraisers * Women’s Conferences * Team Meetings * Leadership Meetings * Graduation Ceremonies * Corporate Events * Staff Retreats * Volunteer Appreciation Events * Church groups * High Schools *

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Why book Mack and Ria?
  • More than just entertaining keynote speakers  Mack and Ria work with you to make your event a success! They will schedule a conference call before your event to learn about your goals for the event and how they can support you in reaching those goals. Each presentation is customized to the event and audience.
  • Mack and Ria are happy to interact with your audience – Before and after their presentation or throughout your event (details must be finalized discussed and finalized during the proposal process).
  • Inspirational Story – With an often humorous and down to earth style, Mack and Ria share their experiences in overcoming adversity, transforming their lives, and learning to develop themselves and others personally and professionally. They share the leadership lessons they have successfully applied in their lives while motivating and inspiring others to take action.
  • Certified Leadership Speakers and Trainers – Mack and Ria also offer workshops and training sessions customized for your organization, team, or event.  Workbooks are available for workshops and training seminars (on request).
  • Published Authors – With 19 books available on leadership, resilience, change, transformation, communication, and personal/professional success.
  • Professional & Experienced – Mack and Ria are certified speakers and trainers with experience speaking to all sizes of groups, large or small. They quickly connect to the audience to engage them, educate them, and empower them. They have both shared the stage with and been mentored by motivational speaker Les Brown. Both have been mentored by John C. Maxwell and worked with him as part of the Cultural Transformation Initiative in Guatemala.

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blue-collar-leadership-front-cover-newBlue-Collar Leadership features content specifically created for the often overlooked and underdeveloped people on the front lines that will allow them to better understand:
  • how to be better team players
  • how & why they should accept more responsibility
  • how to build influence with their leaders and their teammates
  • how to make an impact from where they are
  • how to intentionally become more valuable to the company
  • how to become more successful as an individual

Book Available.

Women are naturally high level leaders because they are relationship oriented. However, it’s a “man’s world” out there and natural ability isn’t enough to help you be successful as a leader. You must intentionally develop your skills so you can lead and influence others at home, at work, at church, or even as a volunteer. This program includes precious “gems” of leadership wisdom on characteristics of very successful women – and insight on how to develop them. Ria combines her years of experience in leadership roles of different organizations along with years of studying, teaching, training, and speaking on leadership to give you short and simple, yet powerful and profound, lessons to help you become very successful, regardless of whether you are in a formal leadership position or not. Book available. 

“Sales persuasion and influence, moving others, has changed more in the last 10 years than it has in the last 100 years. It has transitioned from buyer beware to seller beware” ~ Daniel Pink

So, it’s no longer “Buyer beware!” It’s “Seller beware!” Why? Today, the buyer has the advantage over the seller. Most often, they are holding it in their hand. It’s a smart phone. They can learn everything about your product before they meet you. They can compare features and prices instantly. The major advantage you do still have is: YOU! IF they like you. IF they trust you. IF they feel you want to help them.
This program provides unique insights that will give you the advantage, not over the buyer, but over your competition: those who are selling
what you’re selling. It will help you sell yourself. Book available
“Many salespeople believe that customers buy their products and services first. Incorrect. The first thing prospects buy is the salesperson. The first sale made is you.” ~ Jeffrey Gitomer

This thought-provoking and inspirational program includes how to deal with the challenges of change and adapt to turn challenges into opportunities. Included are key points on how to respond to change, how to keep a positive
perspective and work toward the desired outcome and “Big picture”, and how to prioritize what’s important. Learning how to respond effectively to upcoming changes will allow you to turn challenges into opportunities. As Ted Bauer said, “Business needs and conditions can change very quickly, it’s actually more important HOW FAST you can learn something as opposed to WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW.”

Change brings both challenges and opportunities. It can bring an organization together by uniting the team around a unifying purpose and vision or it can create chaos. Book available.

Defining Influence Cover- newEverything rises and falls on influence. Nothing will impact your professional and personal life more than your ability to influence others. Are you looking for transformation in your life, your team, your organization? Do you want better results? Do you want to build a team that works for each other and with each other? Everyone at all levels will learn the keys to increase their influence. Book available.

Our ability to win in life is based on the knowledge and ability to make principle-centered changes and choices and; the desire and determination to do so which comes externally in the form of motivation and internally in the form of inspiration. In this motivational keynote, attendees will learn about the 4 choices that are critical to winning the game of life.

We will start by understanding why it’s so important to develop our key relationships at home and at work. Then, we will help them learn how creating habits to support these 4 Choices will lead to wildly improved results, personally and professionally.

High Impact leaders align their habits with key values in order to maximize their influence. These 10 values are common sense. However, they are not always common practice. These 10 values will help you build trust and accelerate relationship building. Those mastering these 10 values will be able to lead with speed as they develop 360 degrees of influence from wherever they are. Book available.

The 10 Values:

  • The Value of Vision – Vision is the foundation of hope
  • The Value of Modeling – Someone is always watching you
  • The Value of Responsibility – When we take responsibility, we take control
  • The Value of Timing – It matters when you do what you do
  • The Value of Respect – To be respected, we must be respectful
  • The Value of Empowerment – Leaders gain influence by giving it to others
  • The Value of Delegation – We should lead with questions instead of directions
  • The Value of Multiplication – None of us is as influential as all of us
  • The Value of Results – Leaders like to make things happen
  • The Value of Significance – Are you going to settle for success?

Communication is one of the biggest success factors in any relationship with employees, team members, co-workers, Straight Talk Front Covercustomers, and even friends or family members. How to communicate effectively determines your professional success and defines your personal relationships. This workshop covers: Communicating with different personality types, effective listening, effective dialogue, engaging others in communication and establishing common ground and other communication principles. Book available. 

PRIME time front cover picture edgeThe Power of Effective Planning – We can’t mange time, we must manage life!

Are you living your life in PRIME Time? Are you living and working in alignment with your purpose, passion and personal mission? Are you living an abundant life, accomplishing your goals, and achieving your dreams? This time management keynote can also be offered as a 4 hour skill-shop, complete with workbook for your attendees. 

In PRIME Time: The Power of Effective Planning, you will learn how to set and achieve the goals that are important to you, how to set boundaries, and how to increase effectiveness at home and at work. Book available.

BBB Front Cover pictureWhat happens to us in life isn’t as important as how we respond to it. The choices we make today will define us tomorrow. In this program, Ria shares lessons learned from her life about resilience, healing, forgiveness, shame, guilt, and self-worth. She shares the three stages of resilience and how to take steps to heal from emotional trauma, abuse, or other adversity. Book available. 

maximize-your-potential-front-coverMAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL features content specifically created for the often overlooked and underdeveloped people who do not have anyone reporting to them. It will help them better understand:

  • how to be better team player
  • how & why you should accept more responsibility
  • how to build influence with your leaders and your teammates
  • how to make an impact from where you are
  • how to intentionally become more valuable to the company
  • how to become more successful as an individual

Book Available

NOTE: Maximize Your Potential: Unleashing the Leader Within is the white-collar, or non-specific, version of Blue-Collar Leadership: Leading from the Front Lines and the content is nearly identical. It’s primarily for those team members who do not have anyone reporting to them.

Maximize Your Leadership Potential complements and builds upon Mack’s book, “MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL: Unleashing the Leader Within.” Both are the perfect resources for developing those in a formal leadership position such as: team leaders,maximize-leadership-draft-cover-page-001 supervisors, managers, first-to-mid level leaders, and new leaders.

Maximize Your Leadership Potential will help you grow beyond traditional management and supervision and reveal the principles that high impact leaders intentionally apply to achieve amazing results and success. Once you read this book, you will better understand what it means to be a high impact leader.
Then, you will have a choice. Will you settle for simply supervising and managing people? Or, will you become an intentional high impact leader of people worth following who also supervises and manages things and processes?
NOTE: Maximize Your Leadership Potential: Beyond Management & Supervision is the white-collar, or non-specific, version of Blue-Collar Leadership & Supervision: Unleash Your Team’s Potential and the content is nearly identical. It’s primarily for those who have others reporting directly to them, especially those new to a formal leadership position or those who have had very little or no formal leadership training and development.
  • Leadership
  • Goal Setting and Achieving
  • Attitude
  • Resilience
  • Personal Growth
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership For Women
  • Professional Development
  • Don’t see what you need? Request it!