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In a 2011 study, 79% of respondents estimated they would be, on average, 40% more productive if working for a better leader.

Blue-Collar Leadership & Supervision allows you to develop the leaders of your front line workforce, so you can tap into your organization’s biggest asset – your people. Choose from one or more of four modules and ask us about purchasing bulk copies of the book to equip your attendees with a lasting resource! (Discounts available when pre-purchased with keynote or training sessions.)

Key Modules:

Demystifying Leadership

  • Defining Influence
  • The Leadership Mountain
  • Defining Your Leadership Style


Moving Beyond Management & Supervision

  • The Trust Factor
  • Developing High Performance Teams
  • Leading Yourself And Others Through Change


Moving Beyond Communication

  • Leading With Questions
  • High Impact Delegation
  • Coaching For Performance


High Impact Leadership

  • Retaining Top Performers
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Leadership & Execution

John C. Maxwell commented, “Leadership is more art than science. The principles of leadership are constant, but the application changes with every leader and every situation.”