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Mack’s story

Mack began his career in manufacturing on the front lines of a machine shop. He grew himself into upper management and found his niche in lean manufacturing and along with it, developed his passion for leadership.

With more than 20 years working with and on the front lines, he brings a powerful blend of practical experience and leadership knowledge to his clients. Mack is a published author of several leadership books including: Defining Influence, 10 Values of High Impact Leaders, and Blue-Collar Leadership: Leading from the Front Lines.

He understands that everything rises and falls on leadership.

For more detailed information on Mack’s unique Blue-Collar resources and to learn about his special offer for those in Blue-Collar Industries, please click here to visit Mack’s Blue-Collar Leadership website. 

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Here’s what others have to say…

  • “Too much to write here. Absolutely phenomenal. PLEASE give us more of (Mack and Ria) them and leadership training!”

    West Georgia Technical College
    Adult Education Program Instructor
  • Mack,
    I wanted to write a short note to say a BIG thank you for your interview with John Eades on the “Follow My Lead” podcast. I listened to it this morning on my way to work as I do every morning and get real energy and inspiration from them which sets me up for the day. Your interview was awesome. Thank you. I connected with many of your stories, experiences and personal values.

    Thank you for the inspiration!!


  • My time with you made such an impact on my life. An impact that has changed my life forever. Thank you! 

  • “Thank you Mack Story for making sure everyone knows that they can lead and move up in any position.me and my staff still credit you as a HUGE part of our 2013 National Championship!”

    Greg Williams, 4 Time National Championship Coach
    Auburn University Equestrian Team Head Coach
  • “Joining forces with Mack was a revolutionary opportunity for our company. We have achieved incredible results while witnessing the growth and development of our associates as they have been empowered.”

    Justin Saunders
    CFO, Madix
  • “The time I spent with Mack learning from him was nothing short of life changing. I simply do not believe it is possible for someone NOT to gain value from the investment that he puts into the people he crosses paths with. Mack has a keen ability to recognize talent in others, meet people exactly where they are, and generate the right kind of inspiration that makes you want to get up and do something amazing with your life! Mack is without a doubt, a truly authentic transformational leader who will always go the extra mile for you!”

  • “My first words are, GET SIGNED UP! This training is not, and I stress, not your everyday leadership seminar! I have never been a part of anything like it. After 30 years in technology and two years in Concrete Construction, I have attended dozens and sent hundreds to the so-called ‘Leadership-Training.’ I can tell you that while all of the courses, classes, webinars, and seminars, had good intentions, nothing can touch what Mack and Ria Story provide. I just wish I had it 20 years ago…I could go on-and-on…100% of the team that attended said that they were ‘blown-away, they did not see that conviction and passion coming.’ Many thanks, Mack and Ria!”

    Sam M.
    VP & COO, CMP
  • “Having worked in manufacturing plants for most of my 30 year career, I found Mack Story’s Blue Collar Leadership to be a very practical guide for all who aspire to lead, with or without a title….Mack’s approach powerfully compels the readers to take responsibility for their attitudes and actions and create the future that they desire, if they so choose.”

  • “Be grateful but never satisfied. Solid Advice!! Mack is a prime example of the principle that to get ahead you must daily walk the talk. Mack has consistently done more than is expected, sooner than expected and better than expected. It’s no wonder he was promoted 14 times in 20 years!”

  • “My interaction with Mack Story was nothing short of life changing. My personal mentoring session with Mack was engaging, encouraging, inspiring and so much more. Mack is passionate and authentic and I consider it a tremendous honor to have had the privilege of hearing a small piece of his story and knowledge. Our session opened my mind in so many positive ways, I have truly never felt so energized and unstoppable in my adult life. I would highly recommend Mack to any organization or individual that is serious about implementing change and reaching their full potential. This man has a God-given talent that will transform anyone willing to hear what he has to say. “

    Denise Williams
    Contract Administrator