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“When we invest in those on the front line, they will help us improve the bottom line.” ~Mack Story

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Finally, a book written specifically for those who are on the front lines of an organization. It will help you unleash your own or your team’s potential by taking the complex and making it simple.

Learn how to separate yourself from the crowd quickly by learning how to master the traits High Impact leaders value most. Learn how to get noticed by the right people and how to get promoted for the right reasons. Learn how to increase your influence and become recognized as a front line leader worth following.

With 30 short, easy-to-read chapters, Blue Collar Leadership is written for those who are working on the front lines, by someone who spent more than twenty years working on and supporting those on the front lines. It’s perfectly formatted for leaders to lead their teams through a 30-day book study.

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Blue-Collar Leadership features content specifically created for the often overlooked and underdeveloped people on the front lines that will allow them to better understand:
  • how to be better team players
  • how & why they should accept more responsibility
  • how to build influence with their leaders and their teammates
  • how to make an impact from where they are
  • how to intentionally become more valuable to the company
  • how to become more successful as an individual


This book will actually be great for anyone at any level in any industry, but the greatest value will be for those in the blue-collar workforce on the front lines along with the first few layers of front line leaders.

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Mack has logged over 11,000 hours working with blue-collar, cross-functional teams in the areas of growth, change, and leadership. 

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Blue-Collar Leadership & Supervision

Leadership and supervision cover 8-page-001Blue-Collar Leadership & Supervision is a tool and resource for developing those courageous people that step up and accept a position of leadership, most often, without ever receiving any formal leadership training. They’re simply expected to lead. And, they do the best they can. This will help them grow beyond supervision and management. Once they read this book, they will know what it means to be a leader and how to become a more effective leader.

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What readers say...

  • “Mack is a very unique individual. I mostly know him from posts on LinkedIn but was also fortunate enough to meet him one time. Mack has a special kind of energy he uses to teach influence to people who may not know they need it or even have it and ends up inspiring us all in the process.

    What is unique about Mack is that he is at the same time confident (he knows exactly what he’s talking about) and humble (he’s a regular down to earth guy). What others try to explain in complexity Mack can state elegantly in just a few simple words. Blue Collar Leadership will be his best work yet because it is where Mack’s true strength lies in this message!

    Many books have been written where the audience is intended to be the CEO or other senior leaders with advice on how to make the company better or how they might convince the front line workers to go along…This book is going to be written to the lowest paid, bottom rank employee (which is where I came from too) who think they have no say or influence on anything. Mack will show them how they can make the company better from the position where they are at and in so doing lift themselves up rapidly, get noticed and become the kind of leader people will naturally want to go along with…Mack is always striving to add value to us all – his loyal followers.You have way more power than you think you do… Now use it…!!!”

  • “Absolutely love your messages. Watched Blue-Collar Leadership series 1-20 last night. Also purchased 15 copies of the book for my staff. The message is real and delivered in a very down-to-earth approach that everyone can understand. Thank You very much.” 

  • “I am teaching a course at Bowling Green State University on Human Resource Management….your book Blue-Collar Leadership would be beneficial to these undergraduate students when they are learning about Leadership and Followership.”

  • “Having worked in manufacturing plants for most of my 30 year career, I found Mack Story’s Blue Collar Leadership to be a very practical guide for all who aspire to lead, with or without a title.

    The lessons in the book are organized in 30 easy to read chapters, each only three pages long and chock-full of valuable insight based on Mack’s own personal experiences as well as a wealth of pertinent advice from a large variety of credible sources.

    Mack’s approach powerfully compels the readers to take responsibility for their attitudes and actions and create the future that they desire, if they so choose.”


  • “Mack, this book is so inspirational, thank you! Currently on chapter 20. I have read many leadership books. (Blue-Collar Leadership) Leading from the Front Lines is exactly what I need right now. I value your authenticity and tenacious spirit!”

  • “Be grateful but never satisfied. Solid Advice!! Mack is a prime example of the principle that to get ahead you must daily walk the talk. Mack has consistently done more than is expected, sooner than expected and better than expected. It’s no wonder he was promoted 14 times in 20 years. This is a must read to find out how he did it and how you can too!!”


  • “Mack does an incredible job of conveying what it means to be a leader. I truly believe anyone who reads this book will benefit immensely! Thanks so much Mack!”

  • Just got my autographed copy of Mack’s new book (Blue-Collar Leadership: Leading from the Front Lines)!!! Thank you Mack Story for making sure everyone knows that they can lead and move up in any position.me and my staff still credit you as a HUGE part of our 2013 National Championship!”

  • “Mack and Ria,

    Thank you for speaking (on Blue-Collar Leadership) at our West GA SHRM Meeting today! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge with our group. It is always informative and relevant!”

  • “Mack does a fantastic job of helping the reader understand the boundaries that all leaders face, can face, and will need to overcome these challenges. Being a front line worker myself (USMC), I understand the demands and frustrations that can often be placed on these individuals, so it is refreshing to see someone such as Mack strive to better himself and build towards a great leader.

    If you want a book that breaks down leadership into easy to follow scenarios and processes, read this book!!”

    C. Heppner
    Amazon Review
  • “Mack writes this book as that mentor you never had but wanted! He fills the voids and like the things a parent would pass on to their children knowing the words would carry for years to come, the book is written to assist any individual in their career at any stage. It’s hard to put into text the impact this book could have if applied and as Mack rightly states, ‘this book should never be given away’ the contents are too important they build you, they could even make you – Fantastic!!”

    Amazon Customer
    Amazon Review