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It is possible at any moment in time to push the reset button, to embrace a different way of being, and experience dramatic change.” ~ Bob Chapman
10 Foundational Elements of Intentional Transformation is a “how-to” road-map. Transformation doesn’t just happen. We must make it happen. This presentation contains the foundational layers of transformation and teaches how they build upon each other in order to achieve personal transformation. Ask us about purchasing copies of the book to equip attendees with a lasting resource! (Discounts available when bulk purchasing books with keynote or training sessions.)

Key points:

  • Thought is the foundation of Choice
  • Choice is the foundation of Vision
  • Vision is the foundation of Hope
  • Hope is the foundation of Sacrifice
  • Sacrifice is the foundation of Discipline
  • Discipline is the foundation of Growth
  • Growth is the foundation of Change
  • Change is the foundation of Success
  • Success is the foundation of Significance
  • Significance is the foundation of Legacy
Our friend Amir Ghannad shared these powerful words, “Change starts with ‘what is’ and attempts to keep what is working intact and eliminate what is not, transformation simply starts with ‘nothing’ and is led by a vision of the whole as if it were to be created from scratch today. The former views today as an extension of yesterday and tries to make the most of what is. The latter sees today as the beginning of tomorrow and shapes today’s circumstances as a solid foundation for what will be.”