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Blue Collar Leadership: Leading From The Front Lines


Blue Collar Leadership: Leading From The Front Lines 0002

NOTE: Blue-Collar Leadership: Leading from the Front Lines is the blue-collar version of Maximize Your Potential: Unleashing the Leader Within and the content is nearly identical. It's primarily for those team members who don't have anyone reporting to them.

Finally, a book written specifically for those who are on the front lines of an organization. It will help you unleash your own or your team’s potential by taking the complex and making it simple.

Separate yourself from the crowd quickly by learning how to master the traits High Impact leaders value most. You will learn how to get noticed by the right people and how to get promoted for the right reasons. You will learn how to become recognized as a front line leader worth following, and you don’t need formal authority (position) because you will develop something better: moral authority (influence).

With 30 short, easy-to-read chapters, Blue Collar Leadership is written for those who are
working on the front lines, by someone who spent more than ten years working on the front lines. Blue-Collar Leadership is also available in Spanish.

Blue-Collar Leadership features content specifically created for the often overlooked great people on the front lines that will allow them to better understand:
  • how to be better team player
  • how & why you should accept more responsibility
  • how to build influence with your leaders and your teammates
  • how to make an impact from where you are
  • how to intentionally become more valuable to the company
  • how to become more successful as an individual
This book will actually be great for anyone at any level in any industry, but the greatest value will be for those in the blue-collar world on the front lines along with the first few layers of front line leaders.

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