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GamePlan: Setting and Achieving Goals


GamePlan: Setting and Achieving Goals 00012
Are you looking to reach a personal or professional goal but aren't sure how to actually ACHIEVE it? Do you find yourself making and breaking New Year's Resolutions year after year? Would you like a simple, yet powerful, tool to help you break down large goals into actionable steps?
If the answer is yes, this recorded coaching call is for you. GamePlan is a recorded coaching session on Setting and Achieving Goals. You can listen anywhere and anytime it fits your schedule. In this 1-hour call on goal setting and execution, Ria Story guides you through:
1) the importance of setting the right goals;
2) how to identify goals that are intrinsic (internally inspired rather than externally motivated);
3) how to set larger goals along with the daily action steps that will help you achieve them.
With this purchase, you will receive:
  • Ria's Abundant Life Assessment - an awareness tool to help you identify any areas of life where you are out of balance. This tool will help you identify the RIGHT goals to set.
  • An example worksheet and a blank worksheet, so you can create your PERSONAL action plan. Save a copy of the blank worksheet, and use it as many times as you like as you set new goals for yourself as you intentionally and repeatedly climb to the next level and beyond.
  • The downloadable mp3 file with the audio recording.
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