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MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL: Unleashing the Leader Within


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NOTE: Maximize Your Potential: Unleashing the Leader Within is the white-collar, or non-specific, version of Blue-Collar Leadership: Leading from the Front Lines and the content is nearly identical. It's primarily for those team members who do not have anyone reporting to them.

Separate yourself from the crowd quickly by learning how to master the traits High Impact leaders value most. You will learn how to get noticed by the right people and how to get promoted for the right reasons. You will learn how to become recognized as a leader worth following regardless of your position, title, or the type work you do. You don’t need a formal authority (position) because you will develop something much better: moral authority (influence).

With 30 short, easy-to-read 3 page chapters, MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL is written for those who want to be more, do more, and have more regardless of where they are today. Mack started in an entry-level position with no college education and learned to apply these principles grew himself from the bottom into upper management which resulted in him being promoted 14 times in his 20 year corporate career. When you're at or near the bottom like he was, there is nowhere to go but up. During the process he transformed himself and his life.

This book is not based on years of research. It is based on years of personal application and transformation. Mack says, "I wish someone would have given me this book 30 years ago. It would have helped me realize my potential sooner." It can help you realize your potential now.

MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL features content specifically created for the often overlooked and underdeveloped people who do not have anyone reporting to them. It will help them better understand:

  • how to become a better team player
  • how & why you should accept more responsibility
  • how to build influence with your leaders and your teammates
  • how to make an impact from where you are
  • how to intentionally become more valuable to the company
  • how to become more successful as an individual
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