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10 Values of High Impact Leaders


10 Values of High Impact Leaders 0008

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High Impact leaders align their habits with key values in order to maximize their influence. These 10 values are common sense. However, they are not always common practice. These 10 values will help you build trust and accelerate relationship building. Those mastering these 10 values will be able to lead with speed as they develop 360 degrees of influence from wherever they are.

The 10 Values:

  • The Value of Vision – Vision is the foundation of hope
  • The Value of Modeling – Someone is always watching you
  • The Value of Responsibility – When we take responsibility, we take control
  • The Value of Timing – It matters when you do what you do
  • The Value of Respect – To be respected, we must be respectful
  • The Value of Empowerment – Leaders gain influence by giving it to others
  • The Value of Delegation – We should lead with questions instead of directions
  • The Value of Multiplication – None of us is as influential as all of us
  • The Value of Results – Leaders like to make things happen
  • The Value of Significance – Are you going to settle for success?
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