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Leadership Gems


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*Note: Leadership Gems is a non-gender specific version of Leadership Gems for Women.

One of the the greatest leadership myths is that you must be a "born" leader to be successful. In truth, leadership and influence are skills that can be developed and improved. However, to be very successful, you must intentionally develop your skills so you can lead and influence others at work, in your career, at home, church, or even as a volunteer.

In Leadership Gems, Ria has packed 30 precious gems of leadership wisdom on characteristics of very successful leaders - and insight on how you can develop them yourself. Ria has combined her years of experience in leadership roles of different organizations along with years of studying, teaching, training, and speaking on leadership to give you these 30, short and simple, yet powerful and profound, lessons to help you become a very successful leader regardless of whether you are in a formal leadership position or not.

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