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What is leadership? How do you define it? Is leadership training just for leaders? How do you teach it? How do you learn it? Mack will help you unleash your potential by taking the complex and making it simple.

This approximately 100 minute video was recorded during a live training event where Mack was speaking to the CEO of a Health Care organization, the Board of Directors, and 200 Sr. Leaders from 13 states and D.C. In it, Mack will Demystify Leadership as he discusses "The Impact of a Leader," "The Development of a Leader," and "The Traits of a Leader."

This training resource includes the online video and accompanying 20 page workbook. It is perfect for creating a common leadership language among your team in order to begin creating a unifying purpose as leadership is defined. It's a great foundational resources for front line managers/supervisors, middle management, and upper management. Whether your an aspiring leader or an experienced leader, everyone will benefit from these principles. It's also a great resource for creating the vision of personal responsibility across all team members. Everyone will take something away from this as they learn: what is common sense is not always common practice.

This 10 part lesson will answer the following leadership and personal growth questions:
  1. Why is leadership important?
  2. Why should I grow as a leader?
  3. How does influence work?
  4. How can I grow as a leader?
  5. How can I become disciplined?
  6. How should I prioritize my life?
  7. How can I effectively cast vision?
  8. How can I develop trust?
  9. How can I extend my influence?
  10. How can I make my leadership last?
You can preview the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5RdnNZae-g
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