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Storyteller Complete Coaching Package


Storyteller Complete Coaching Package 0031

The world needs more hope. The world needs you to tell your story. Your story can change the world – one listener or reader at a time. We learn from the stories of others because they touch our hearts as well as our minds. Stories capture our imagination, inspire us, give us hope, and bring us together.

Storyteller Coaching is a program of 24 one-on-one coaching sessions (phone or Skype). The sessions are designed to build on one another to get you started sharing your message and creating revenue streams so you can continue to change lives, inspire hope, and tell your story. Sessions are typically 60 – 90 minutes and can be scheduled weekly or bi-monthly, with program completion in 6 – 12 months.

Full program details available at: http://topstoryleadership.com/storyteller/

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